We Saw His Star

Matthew 2:2  “We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage.”

The Magi were studious and expectant. They were on the look-out for a sign. And when they saw what they thought was the correct sign – the star – they left everything in its pursuit. They set out in faith to follow that star wherever it led. What a great example for us.

Are we as expectant and hopeful in searching for the signs of God in our lives? Do you see the King’s star in the street person, the pregnant teenager struggling to choose life, in the just-released inmate? Do you look for Jesus’s star in the least of our brothers and sisters, and then strive to grow closer to Jesus, doing whatever is necessary to serve their needs?

Let your New Year’s resolution be to see His star in the needs of the poor, to be like the Wise Men and do whatever it takes to pursue after their needs. Seek Jesus by stepping out in faith to give courageously of your time, talents, and treasure. Give in support of those who serve the poor.

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