Money as a Tool to Grow Closer to God 

As you strive to be a better disciple of Jesus, do you ever think of how money can help you deepen your relationship with Christ? Paragraph 226 in the Catechism tells us that anything that is not God is to be used only in so far as it brings us closer to God. So, money is to be used in just that way.

The Money as a Tool to Grow Cooser to God seminar paves the way for Catholics to explore a faith perspective of their relationship with money that will bring them closer to Christ. This interactive event is offered in two settings: A 40-minute seminar usually presented as a part of your meeting, and a 2-hour workkshop. The workshop includes an engaging “World Says” vs. “God Says” exchange that challenges commonly held beliefs about financial success and happiness. And we go into a lot more Scripture by considering parables and other Bible passages, as well as Church teachings to help us form a Godly attitude about managing God’s gifts of Time, Talent, and especially, Treasure. Much of this 2-hour workshop is presented in the Video series you see in the Videos section under the Blog tab.

Find the peace you seek, the significance and the impact you want to make with your life by putting God first in every aspect of our lives, including money. Invite me to speak at your parish and/or to your group. Consider running a group study using the Video series.


Finish Well

Having an eternal perspective about assets and accomplishments is the key to providing well for loved ones. Scripture states that the reality of our eternal future should determine the character of our present lives and the use of our assets and possessions.                                                                                                                       

The Finish Well seminar is about creating a legacy. It is about helping to formulate and organize your legacy in a way that communicates your love for God and your care for your loved ones even after you’re gone from this world. In this workshop we will review the practical financial issues of asset ownership, beneficiary designations, creating a data document, and more. The workshop can be a stand-alone seminar, or a part of a larger “end-of-life” program.