Mission Statement

It’s Not Your Money!™ is dedicated to educating people about financial discipleship, seeking to transform attitudes toward money and possessions: how we get them and what we are to do with them. We encourage people to persevere in living a stewardship life which is often counter-cultural.

It is important for disciples to consider money as a spiritual component of everyday life. At the heart of this transformation is internalizing the belief that all we have is a gift from God. Once we embrace this truth, in overwhelming gratitude for all His blessings, we are to give back to God, to make an appropriate return of our Time, Talents, and Treasure in ways that serve the poor and build His kingdom.

In pursuit of this belief, we:

  • Promote Christian values by putting God first in every area of our life, including money.
  • Educate individuals about Stewardship, especially around giving, spending, debt, and investing, striving to live a stewardship life.
  • Seek to build God’s Kingdom using all of our resources including money by serving those most in need.

Giving money is the strongest expression of our faith and trust in God to provide. Giving leads to more ministry opportunities. More ministry opportunities bring us closer to God and to each other as we serve those most vulnerable in our communities. It’s Not Your Money™ endeavors to help parishioners want to give and be a part of a Parish which makes a difference in our world.

To learn more about the basis of this mission, visit our Foundational Scripture Page.  And listen to Joe’s Introduction to Christian Stewardship: