What Are You Looking For?

In John 1:38,  Jesus turned and asked His followers, “What are you looking for?” 

What are you looking for? What is it that you truly seek? For many it is to be happy. Happiness often means having the material comforts of life while not having to worry about money. Does this resonate with you? Me, too.

How do we get this happiness we seek? Advertisers – The world  – tell us that to be happy we need to have more things, the newest and best versions of the latest stuff that we can buy. The thing is, this requires that we spend money – probably a bit more money than we have. This in turn causes our credit card balances to increase which results in stress in our lives, not happiness. 

There are better, more beautiful things in life than spending money on a new golf club or an upgrade to your cell phone. Instead, seek God’s kingdom first (Mt. 6:33). Put Him first in every area of your life, including in your finances. Give to God first before any other spending and see if then you don’t begin to realize the sense of peace and happiness you truly seek.

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