Why Did God Come as a Baby?

Babies: Weak. Helpless. Vulnerable. And yes – cute!

The celebration of Jesus’ birth at Christmas invites us to ask “Why?” Why did God come to us as a baby? He could have come in grandeur, splendor, and power! But, He chose to come in the most feeble and fragile form. Why?

Why indeed! Think about what babies do to you. They disrupt your schedule. They demand attention to their needs.Your time is no longer your own. They also disrupt your bank account. Their needs cost money. You must now spend on diapers and formula and onesies. That’s not as much fun as spending on dinner at a restaurant and a movie. 

Even so, think about how babies affect you. When a baby is presented to you, you sweep him up in your arms, like Simeon did with Jesus when Mary and Joseph brought Him to the temple (Luke 2:22-32). His smile melts you. His coos weaken your knees. He’s so cute and cuddly. You are transformed, making silly babbling sounds. You can’t help yourself. You can’t help but – to love. 

That is why God came as a baby. We can’t help but love Him. Let Him disrupt your schedule. Spend time with Him in prayer and praise. Let Him disrupt your bank account. Give to build His kingdom by serving those in need. Can you be like Mary and Joseph and let Jesus disrupt your life? 

What a gift God gives us in Jesus. Give like God gives. Give because INYM.

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