The World Says vs. God Says

When you read the book, It’s Not Your Money and/or attend any of Joe’s seminars, you know that the World tells us that we can attain financial peace by acquiring more stuff and going on expensive excursions. In other words, by spending money on ourselves. But in reality, it is only when we embrace God’s truth and align our budgets on Biblical principles and give to God first, that we gain a sense of peace that is beyond human understanding.

  • Peace that comes from participating in building the larger, more majestic kingdom of God.
  • Peace that comes from doing God’s will by having the proper priority for spending.

It is a peace that only God can give. The world cannot give us this peace. Finding this peace changes our lives which changes our church, and so changes the world.

2 Timothy 1:8 tells us, “Do not be ashamed of your testimony.” Your story will help others. Please share your experience of attaining this real peace.

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