He Is Risen!

       Psalm 116:12   How can I repay the LORD for all the great good done for me?

He is risen! He paid the debt for our sins and overcame death. He did this for me and for everyone. Alleluia! How awesome. How overwhelming. I am so grateful. How can I repay Him?

  • Be a doer of the Word (James 1:22)
  • Continually offer a sacrifice of Praise (Heb 13:15)
  • Look around and acknowledge all of God’s goodness – in nature, in music, in others
  • Serve as Jesus serves – in humility and love as when He washed the disciples’ feet (John 13:1-17)
  • Keep responding to others with kindness
  • Keep forgiving
  • Keep giving generously

Cultivate His gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure, and return them with increase to the Lord.


One thought on “He Is Risen!

  1. Joe Galloway

    You nailed it…it’s all about our RESPONSE to God’s goodness in our lives.
    I regularly come back to Paul’s words in Romans 12:1-2… “In view of God’s mercy (or, “In response to God’s mercy”), offer yourself as a living sacrifice to God…”

    God has acted first. All we can do is respond with humility, worship and obedience!

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for being such an encouragement in my life.


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