INYM – The Book, Podcast 1 – Introduction

 What?!   Joe, what do you mean, It’s Not Your Money? And anyway, that’s a terrible title. No one is going to do a Google search for that. 

That may be true, but there is a more important issue at hand than showing up on Google. When you say “It’s Not Your Money” you acknowledge the true source of your money, which is God. You agree that God gives you the ability and talent to do what you do that earns the money you have. In fact, God gives us everything. In humble gratitude for all of God’s blessings, we praise and glorify God by putting Him first in every area of our lives, including first with our finances. 

This is being a good disciple. Disciples put God first in their lives. It’s Not Your Money – the book and this ministry – is first and foremost about being a better disciple of Jesus Christ, and so we strive to be like Jesus and put God first in every area of our lives – including money.

Why would you want to do that? Think about what you want most in life. In my years working as an Investment and Financial Planning professional, I heard over and over from clients that they wanted peace of mind – to not have to worry about money to provide for their needs. Yet, how many worry? Even those with plenty of money found reasons to worry about it. Does this resonate with you?

       This message will change your heart and change your life

I pray that the message of this ministry, this website, the book and seminars, this podcast series, will change hearts and minds and attitudes about money – how we get it and how we use it. We’ll do that by looking at what the Church teaches and especially consider what God has to say about it in the Bible. Some sources claim there are over 2500 verses in the Bible that address money and possessions. Turns out God has a lot to say. He knows how important money is to our everyday life. Shouldn’t something so pervasive in our lives as money be a part of our spiritual life?

When I learned what the Bible said and began to trust God at His word, I found the pathway to the peace of mind I sought. I found that by stepping out in faith, trusting and obeying God’s commands regarding money, while a bit scary, gave me the sense of peace of mind that – frankly – didn’t make sense. It was the peace beyond understanding as we read in Philippians 4:7.   

That’s what I mean by it’s not your money. It is finding the Peace of Putting God First! I will share more about how to do that in this podcast series. Please share this with your family and friends. Learn more about my story by ordering the book from the website  Pray for the faith to trust God and put Him first in every facet of your life – including with your finances. In that, in being a faithful disciple, you will begin to realize the peace that you truly seek. 

Till next time – Be Well!

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