INYM – The Book, Podcast 2 – Finding God’s Peace

It’s Not Your Money is about our acknowledging that God is the source and provider of all we have. He gives us the talents and abilities to do what we do that earns the money we have. In fact, God gives us everything. When we embrace this truth, we can’t help but be overwhelmingly grateful and humble. It is this mindset that changes our hearts and brings us the peace we truly seek.

The subtitle of the book – Finding the Peace of Putting God First – hits the nail on the head. In my experience serving clients in the investment business, everyone sought to accumulate and grow their investments to a level that they thought would give them a sense of peace and security. Of course that level is different for everybody, but no matter what that number was, they  worried. Even with the most conservative strategies and the best risk management, whether they had more than enough money or not, they still worried about money. Heck – I did too.

Early in my career I was doing all the right things, paying myself first to save for emergencies, for kids’ college, and for retirement. Working to build a nice lifestyle with a big house, luxury cars, and new suits. And I was going to Mass, teaching catechism, putting money in the collection basket – everything I was supposed to be doing. Yet, the budget was stretched to the max and I was stressed all the time. Something was a-miss.

Be Stouthearted

I remember the week when it all came to a head. The Holy Spirit hit me hard with the solution that would alleviate the stress. I was certainly tired of the worry and stress and I wanted to be rid of it, but I struggled with what I was being told. I wrestled with it. I knew what I needed to do and it scared me. But I finally asked myself, “Do I trust God or not? I know He loves me and will provide for me – He always has – but still…”

When I finally admitted that God gives me everything, I was able to muster up the courage, step out in faith, and trust God to provide for my family, and do what He called me to do. And when I did, what happened?

You can read all about that in my book It’s Not Your Money. Get that on the website But for now, suffice it to say that I gained a sense of peace I can not explain. It is the peace that only comes from God. Doing all the things that financial planning best practice tells us to do was not enough. Having that big house and nice car didn’t do it. A new set of golf clubs – no. Not even more money in the bank was enough. The peace came from Putting God First.

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Till next time – Be Well!

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