Tithing is like Tailoring

The reflection in The Word Among Us for Sunday’s 10-15-17 Gospel reading suggests that the wedding garment in Matthew 22: 1-14 represents the essential elements of our life in Christ. It is a garment of obedience, of repentance and purity.

Garments often require tailoring. Pant and skirt lengths need hemming, waist lines (hopefully) need taking in, cuffs shortened. When we examine our actions and motives, what alterations are necessary? Are they obedient to God’s word? Are they pure, seeking the good of others? The wedding garment is a proxy for repentance, the change of heart required for entrance into the Kingdom. What change, what tailoring do we need – especially regarding our finances?

Tithing is like tailoring our budgets. Every spending choice is a stewardship decision. Lifestyle expenses may need to be hemmed so that our budgets better fit with God’s will for how we use our money.

Tithe in obedience to God’s word.

Tithe to support His works of mercy serving the poor and vulnerable among us.

Tithe because It’s Not Your Money.