Don’t we all strive for Happiness? And, how often is happiness defined as getting a little bit more.  We say to ourselves, “Sure I have an iPhone 13 and a 65 inch TV and I’m grateful.  But, I can’t wait for the iPhone 14 and I need a 85 inch TV!” Would that truly bring […]


How many people do we see everyday in our society who have exceeding talent and tremendous success and wealth. And yet, they’re not happy. Like the rich man in Matthew 19, they know something is missing in their lives. Jesus tells us to detach ourselves from earthly possessions. They don’t bring us true happiness and they’re often the […]

Give Lavishly

Psalm 112 says those who fear the Lord are blessed and generous. They give lavishly to the poor. I love that – give lavishly. Hasn’t God given to us lavishly? Does he not lavish us with mercy and peace and forgiveness? Aren’t our talents and abilities given to us so that we are able to […]

Why Do I Doubt?

My retirement plan is way off track, my business is struggling, my relationships are strained. I hear myself crying out like Peter in Matthew 14:30, “Lord, save me!”  And, Jesus’ response? “Oh, you of little faith! Why do you doubt?” And the truth is business goes on, and the bills get paid, and I add […]