Persevere in Faith and Trust

Why did Jesus respond so harshly to the Canaanite woman who only wanted healing for her daughter in Matthew 15? It seems He discriminated against her race. Even called her a dog.

Could it be that He placed obstacles before her to challenge her to an even deeper faith?
Could it be that He was drawing her out and so lifting her up as an example of perseverance in faith and trust?

Many of us have had financial obstacles these past few years; cut in income or outright job loss, real estate values less than mortgage balances, lower balances in retirement accounts than five years ago, and more.

What has been our response? Like the Canaanite woman, we are to persevere in faith and trust and keep giving!
Give – not more than we have, but according to our means, from our first fruits. Keep giving and persevere. Because –

It’s Not Our Money!