Haggai 2: Are We in our own Exile?

Although Haggai is speaking to the Israelites returning from exile, with what’s going on in our world – the attacks on and decline of civility and morality, and the rise of secularism – could we be in a sort of exile ourselves?

The Lord says through the prophet in chapter 2, verse 4, “Take courage and work.  I am with you.”

If our work is solely for the money, then how are we any better than the secularists who seem to be overtaking our society?  If our focus is on trying to re-coup the former glories we thought we had in our large investment balances and McMansion homes, does that not distract us from building God’s kingdom?

Instead, work as though all you do is for the Lord.  Seek first His kingdom and all will be given you besides.  And do not worry about the money.  It’s not yours anyway.