Want to Retire Early?

I remember early in my financial planning career that a commonly expressed goal was to retire early, say at age 55. Retiring early may still be an aspiration for many today. And surely, some people do achieve that lofty goal. But I’ve often wondered why it was that so many ...
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Retirement Comfort Survey

In April 2010, a study done by Merrill Lynch found that 73% of people over 51 are concerned that their retirement assets won’t last as long as they will. But, a pre-2007 survey conducted for the National Summit on Retirement Savings held in Washington, D. C. revealed that 70% of ...
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Will you Inherit your Retirement?

Will you have enough money for retirement?  How will you get it, by savings? Or do you expect to inherit your retirement? Should this even be a concern? Is retirement worth worrying about? In Matthew 6: 25-34 Jesus tells us 4 times not to worry.  Our heavenly Father knows we ...
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