INYM – The Book, Podcast 6 – Give

The message of It’s Not Your Money is one of achieving peace of mind, that sense of peace and joy because all is well. In response to this joy, when we get this peace – we give. We want to give. We can’t help but give!

Now, you might be saying, “Joe, it seems your message is all about giving. I mean, in Podcast 1 you say to put God first in your finances; Podcast 2 talks about stepping out in faith and giving; in Podcast 3 you say that God calls us to give courageously; on Podcast 4 you wondered what the world would look like if we all did give courageously; and again in Podcast 5 you say trust God and give. Give. Give. Give. It sounds like It’s Not Your Money is just about giving money to the church. Is that it?”

Surely, the church needs money to operate. But, this is not about the church getting your money. It is about your giving, however. It is about your willingness to give to God; your willingness to detach from the drive and desire to buy more stuff and spend on doing things that you think will make you happy and feel successful.

Spiritual Wellbeing

Listen – giving is vital to our spiritual wellbeing. It is one of the best expressions of gratitude we can make to God for all the blessings He gives to us. Giving money is one of the strongest statements you can make about your trust in God to provide. Frankly, giving courageously demonstrates a mature faith.

What is keeping you from making such a strong statement, from demonstrating that mature faith? Whatever that is, it could be the root of idolatry. Is it worry that you can’t afford to give on top of all the other demands on your money? Is it concern that you won’t be able to provide for your family? Here’s a tough one – is it pride that if you don’t have certain things, others may think less of you? Turn these over to God! Lay all your issues and concerns at the foot of the cross and there receive God’s love, mercy, and the grace to trust Him and do His will.

Think about it – can you go a single day without spending money? You may not use a credit card or Venmo, but you use resources that cost money. Shouldn’t something so pervasive in our everyday lives be a part of our spiritual life?

Put God first in your finances, trust Him, and give courageously. Achieve peace of mind and have joy by giving. Give to those ministries that do the works of mercy: feeding, clothing, housing, educating, and helping the poor and vulnerable. Of course, this includes the church. Give, and be a part of something grand and majestic, and see if you don’t begin to realize that sense of peace that you truly seek!

Okay – off my soapbox. Thank you for listening. Please share this podcast with your family and friends. Please “like” my Facebook page. And mostly, please give and be at peace!

Till next time – Be Well.

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