Obedience and Trust in God’s Word

Eleazar, in 2 Maccabees 6, demonstrates for us a great example of obedience and trust in God’s word. Rather than acquiesce to the offer of living out the rest of his life in comfort and ease, he willingly accepted the pain he knew would come of his choice to hold true to what he believed God asked of him.

Living a stewardship life is like this. Living stewardship is purposefully choosing to be obedient to God and giving courageously of our time and treasure. It is acting in faith, trusting God to provide. Giving sacrificially is our intentional decision to choose God’s way over society’s way. We may suffer the loss of having more of the world’s creature comforts. But when we do so, like Eleazar, we reflect well on our nobility and leave others a noble example by dying to ourselves willingly for the revered and holy laws (6:27-28).

Be Courageous!

So, be courageous as Eleazar. Be intentional in choosing to live stewardship and give sacrificially. Choose God’s way and let your life be a model of nobility, because you can be sure people are watching. Let your example evangelize your family, friends, and neighbors, bringing them closer to Christ. You have heard it said, “Faith is caught more than taught.”

If we don’t model a joyful and generous Christian lifestyle, then from whom will our loved ones and neighbors find inspiration – celebrities, athletes, and other public figures?

We have the opportunity to offer our noble example of stewardship and change the world. Choose God first in every area of your life. Doing so will leave an unforgettable example of virtue for the young and for the whole nation (6:31). In that, you will find the peace you truly seek.

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