Well then, Whose Money Is It?

God’s, of course.  He just lets us use some of His from time to time.  When you think about money that way, it causes you to stop and think and consider more carefully how you spend and invest.  That is what this ministry is about – helping you discern differently about the money you have, how you got it and how you are to use it.  In other words, Practical Financial Stewardship.

We hear stewardship talked about in terms of Time, Talent and Treasure.  This ministry will focus more on the Treasure aspect of stewardship. Please spend some time reading the articles and listening to the recordings. And most importantly, please take the time to respond. We will all become better stewards if we work at it together. Thanks for visiting.

Meet Joe Galloway

Joseph B. Galloway has over 30 years of investment and banking experience in his role as a Financial Advisor. His mission is to serve the important money matters of individuals and business owners.

A committed christian all of his life, Joe became Catholic over twenty five years ago. He began course work in the Pastoral Studies program at Loyola Universtity in New Orleans. In an effort to merge work into a faithfilled vocation, Joe began working with people to transform their attitudes toward money. This website is an outgrowth of that effort. Read More…